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Your Mortgage Solutions Australia consultant provides you professional advice with over 250 loans to choose from.  Your consultant will work with you to understand how you work your finances, and then compare hundreds of loans from a wide range of lenders to find that one that suits you.

It helps save you time and could save you thousands off your loan.

Everyone is different and though buying a home or investment property may sound simple, finding finance can be a headache. There are many lenders to ring and loans to compare, fees, rates, penalties, and then do you fix or do you split? 

With Mortgage Solutions Australia your very own mortgage consultant will explain all your options, how much you can borrow, what your repayments will be, and just as importantly, explain ways you can pay your loan off quicker. Best of all the service costs you no extra. And, if we can’t help you from our panel of lenders, we have the added advantage of being able to look outside this using our fee-for service.

5 steps with a Mortgage Solutions Australia consultant.

  • After you have rung our office or requested an appointment a consultant will be in contact with you.  We can come to your home, office, anywhere you like at a time that suits you.  We can even do most of this over the phone and fax or post documents to you.  Most appointments take around 1 ½ hours.
  • Your Mortgage Solutions Australia consultant will listen to your needs and explain the various options to you and of course answer any questions you may have.
  • Our exclusive software will show you how long a loan will take to repay under various interest rates, lump sum payments or increased repayments so you can better plan a loan into your budget.
  • You won’t be asked to complete an application on your first appointment.  We will research options with the information you have given us and get back to you with which ones are going to work best.  We realise that you need time to think about your options.  You then let us know which direction you would like to take and we will work through the application process with you and handle all the paper work.  No pressure, no sales pitch. Just researched options. Its important, too, that if your situation is out of the ordinary that we challenge any potential objections with the lender before the application is put in place.  This can save time and reduce the likelihood that your application will be declined.
  • Your consultant then follows the whole process right through to settlement, keeping you up to date all the way and makes sure that paperwork flows in the right directions.

So when ‘Money Matters’ click here with any questions or for your obligation free appointment with one of our consultants.



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